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28th September 2005

11:29am cliph101
My friend Cliph from ireland is in the city at the moment, he's been crashin on my couch since friday
I always like to have a visitor, it just makes me wish i wasnt' workin all the time.. i'm not much
of a tour guide since i can't leave the house

he turned me on to this its a kickass internet 'tv station'
that has a number of free programs you can download.. they are most all homeade comedies, and damn hilarious..

may i recommend.. The Bu' (spoof of the OC).. Twiggers Holiday,, Yatch Rock.. and House of Cosbys.. theres a bunch more too.. The Most Extraodinary Space Investigations is stoner comedy at its best.. only watch it if you're hi!

so if you have time and bandwidth to spare, watch this stuff.. you'll find yourself watchin it more than once.

blah blah work, blah blah home, blah blah apartment

23rd September 2005

1:03pm wellll looking for a place to live, i've found a 6300 squar foot loft, for 6000 a month..

clearly a bit out of my price range.. but all that space... This is downtown toronto, space is at a premium afterall.

anybody know what can i do with all that space to help out with the rent every month?
Current Mood: hopeful

2nd September 2005

1:58pm rich soon?
Had an interview over at Dundee Wealth Management last night.. Now all I can do is wait.
The job would add about 15k a year to what i'm earning now.. not only that, but i'd have my evenings and weekends back for good. The manager I interviewed with was super nice, and the atmosphere there was very casual. The whole thing looks positive. I wasn't nervous at all during the interview, allthough building up to it was stressful. I think I represented myself fairly accurately, kept good eye contact with the interviewer and tried to keep smiling.

This would be a real big step, this is more of a career than a job.. If I get this, i'd expect to be with them for at least the next few years, more likely the next decade or so.. sort of an Interesting concept.. a truly permanent job.

wish me luck kids.. i just might be rich soon.

18th August 2005

1:47pm B.C. adventures -- this probably isn't worth reading
I wanted to record the details of my trip out to B.C. somewhere before I forget it all.. its point form and prett meaningless unless you're me.

Friday July 29
Arrived in vancouver, 10:30am.
Took a cab straight to Callies, downtown van.
It was pride weekend, and callie lives in the gay village.
Went for a walk along the beach and thru stanley park with Callie, Tim and CGM
Stopped at the SOHO for beers on the way home.

Sat. July 30
Picked up the rentacar at noon, Toyota Corolla with about 1500kms
Went to the beach with CGM
Great fireworks that night on the beach

Sunday July 31
Escape from the city, we head to the ferry to victoria
Unable to get ahold of Brians brother Alex in victoria, we wardrove for wireless and used google maps to figure out where we were, and how to get to Alex's place.
We find his brothers house and crash there.

Monday Aug 1
Meet up with corey and kelly at Alex's place
We head out on an 'easy' hike in East Sooke Regional park, ends up being a 7.5 hour 15km stretch of rugged shoreline trail
We sleep at Alex's place again

Tuesday Aug 2
We change the oil on Coreys new car, 84 volvo wagon.. schweet :>
bought myself a tent for the rest of the trip.
A few of us head up to Uncle Bills to camp out there, Corey, Kelly, Brian, Me and Jordan

Wednesday Aug 3
Pack up camp and visit the Sooke Potholes park
Corey and Kelly leave for Cathedral Grove
BBQ at uncle Bills with G'ma and Sherri..
I camp there again.

Thursday Aug 4
We pack up and head to parksville to visit with Brians dad Roelof
Swimming in parksville is great, just gotta get it after the tide has freshly come in over the hot sand.

Friday Aug 5
Head to Tofino
Stop in cathedral grove along the way to checkout the tree protest and meet up with Corey and Kelly
Corey decides to come along to Tofino
Steak out free camping along logging roads

Sat Aug 6
We met up with the kids from Alex's place in vic. on Long beach..
spend the whole day relaxing in the sand.
Camp for free again on the logging roads, this time with a 3 vehicle caravan and numerous vehicular mishaps

Sun Aug 7
Visit uclulet briefly for fish and chips on the way back to parksville
Stop off in cathedral grove again, pick up kelly & the volvo
Sleep at Roelofs again

Mon Aug 8
Drive parksville to revelstoke in one fell swoop
Coreys car runs out of gas while hunting for free camping
End up camping on the side of the highway

Tue Aug 9
Hang around revelstoke for the day
hike up the trail and camp in the national park there

Wed Aug 10
Drive rogers pass to golden, suprise Yvonne and Dylan.
We sleep at Yvonne and Dylans place

Thu Aug 11
Drive back towards the coast, stop off in kamloops
Visit with Lisa and Terry, spend the night there

Friday Aug 12
A short hike with lisa up the nearest mountain,
then we truck back to vancouver, trips over already!
Get a room at the best western on east hastings
Meet up with CGM for beers at the soho

Saturday Aug 13
Clean up the rentacar and drop it off for noon, now just over 5000kms
Walk back into town and hang out with Tim and Tara for the afternoon.
Stay over at the best western

Sunday Aug 14
Wakeup call at 5am.. flight out at 7.

21st July 2005

11:55am Boats Buses & taxis,
Hopped on the bus saturday morning at 6:30am, but not before I pulled an all nighter working on the standard Crapppp for Jason. I got lots done, but its never enough to satisfy his always-in-a-rush ass. Anyways, a cabbie took me to the bus station, a gateway to my temporary salvation. I rode the bus to parry sound where I met up with the parents at the town dock. From there we set out by water, heading north.

Saw a real like rattlesnake in the Bustard Islands, the situation could have been ugly as my mom nearly stepped right on the thing. We were on a hike looking for some good scenery and blueberries, after finding lots of bushes with nothing to pick we were heading back to the dingy. As we were walking through a patch of juniper bushes we were both startled by a very lound electric-sounding BUZZZZZZZZ. We both froze and looked around wildly before spotting the rattler about a 2ft away from where my mom was standing. He was piled on a rock in the sun, so well blended that even with his tail and diamond shaped head elevated into the threat position, he was hard to spot. We stared at him, basically frozen with awe.

He rattled again, the spell was broken, and we got the fuck out of there!

It was both incredible and terrifying to be that close to a snake that could actually do damage, in hindsight we should have backed a few more feet away and studied our slithery friend. Their striking distance is just half their body length, and they dont grow much longer than 2ft. But at the time, we just got the hell off his turf as fast as we could :>

A lot more happened on the trip, we saw a moose-calf swimming across a channel also.. and battled 6 foot waves on the last day i was with them. I hopped a cab from manitoulin to espanola on tuesday night, took the 10:40pm bus home to arrive in T.O . at 5:30am.

My pale computer tan has been replaced with one thats made from real sun, i guess i'm lookin healthy n shit :)

This was a nice appetizer for my trip out to BC on the 29th..

12th July 2005

12:15pm vacation at last
Looks like i'll be off to B.C. on the 29th of this month, coming back on the 14th.. Flying out with my old roomate Brian and renting a car there, going to try and avoid spending too much time in the city, get out and enjoy the mountains and ocean.

I can't wait to get away.. if anybody else wants to come, well its only about 550 for the ticket, and 300 for the car rental. + gas and food and possibly some places to stay..

the more the merrier!

fuck i cant wait...

22nd June 2005

11:52am ahh contracting..

On of my main contractors is way behind on paying me, owes around 1250 on one project, I was supposed to see the bulk of that on the 28th of last month. He sells hardware too, so last week I told him instead of paying me the cash, which he might not have for a while, he could get me a laptop instead, this way he would owe his supplier the cash instead of me, and i'll be getting the laptop i've been hoping to buy anyways.

He seemed into the idea, but he still dragged his heels on it, I finally got him to place the order on monday, so I should have
my shiney new workstation on saturday.

I'm super stoked on this laptop, its a tiny Asus (z33a), weighs about 3 pounds and has a 12.1 inch screen, super compact and tranportable. I'm going to be able to stick everything I need for work on it, so from here on in, my office is mobile. If things work out really well i'll probably get some sort of roaming wireless internet package for it also, then I could do any job from anywhere :>

i found a bunch of glamour shots of it:

mmm its a sexy little laptop alright.

10th June 2005

12:20pm The heat is on, it swept down without much warning bumping us from the dry low-20's to the wet and sticky low 30's.
I definately experienced some adverse reactions to the heat, but i'm adjusting now.

Slowly going crazy over work, I Realize more and more that i've got to get away from contracting specific projects and just start pushing products i've developed, I think thats my next stop in the world of computer programming. I'm sick of waiting to collect money, i'm sick of waiting for information, i'm sick of the 'hurry up and wait' mentality that permeates this industry.

I'm looking forward to my break in july, after that I might just drop the contracting edge all together, prop up some new business domain and drop a few precoded apps on there. I'd like to get back on the monitor lamps too, that project has stangnated for no reason at all.

and What else...
well fuck i'm getting all distracted now..

going into guelph tommorrow to play poker with mark n friends.. should be a good time, maybe i'll make some $$

2nd June 2005

12:04pm Nice weather these last few days, been riding to work everyday. I can make it here in 25 minutes on the new bike, and thats takin it as easy as i can force myself. I always ride full tilt, but im so fresh out of hibernation right now i have to constantly remind myself to slow down and take it easy. I just dont have the stamina I had at the end of last summer.

Anyways, 25 minutes takin it easy is killer, thats near the top speed i could achieve on the mountain bike without hurting myself. Im betting by the end of the summer i'll be able to pull it in 15 flat.

I still need a good lock, and Im thinkin about getting a wireless computer for it to just to have an idea of my speed and distances.

So I sucked my Contractor Jason right out of money. Finally wrapped up a big project on sunday, he owes me 530 on that plus 2 additional invoices for a total of around 1400, he was supposed to payup the 530 by the end of last week, but instead all i've squeezed out of him is a $280 transfer tommorrow. I'm sure i'll get the money but i'd rather have it now. Gotta get away from these guys who can't cover themselves.

Big breakfast today though, eggs bacon n toast with butter.. a classic way to start the day, really makes a difference on the energy level. This week of biking on a winter diet left me with a deep hunger that i had to fill with high energy food.. I ate about 6 meals yesterday and woke up ready to pile on more. Between the biking and my chinup bar, i'm going to be doubling my food bills this summer!
Current Mood: energetic

26th May 2005

12:16pm a new bike..
well, its finally happened.. yesterday I plunked right around a thousand bucks on a shiny new Specialized Sirrus Comp.. it retails at about 1400, but I bought last years model so it was on at a clearance price.

So there it is, its hard to appreciate in a photo-form.. its weighs next to nothing and is the smoothest ride i've ever had. The pizza-cutter wheels are a little unerving on the streetcar tracks though!

I've been workin like fuckin hell lately, but i'm gettin good rewards in classic consumer style. New shoes and a shiney new bike, lookit me go!
Current Mood: energetic

18th May 2005

1:03pm Doesn't get much better than this.. :>

some weird problems with one of the circuits in my apartment lately, for some reason it seems to be drawing a big chunk of current even when we've got nothing plugged in. My roomate is goin nuts cuz its mainly his room and the bathroom that are out.

Works finally been paying off, but i'm busy busy busy.. i'm just a busy guy with some new clothes and money in the bank.. and more cheques coming.

5th April 2005

5:36pm got a new client today, woohoo for that.. this guy seems real pro and even though he has an Inhouse coder already, i'm hoping that i can pick up about 10 hours of work a month from the guy.

It'll be nice to deal with someone who does things a bit more profesionally than i'm used to.

Jason is goin nuts as usual, he's just one of those businesmen that tries to do it all in his head, keep it all under control himself, and that means mistakes are made and deadlines are always tight. It's frustrating as hell.

Luckily I snagged a 12pack today, and care will be by around 9 with a bag of dope. Tommorrow I work.. tonight i get drunk and stoned with my friends. :)
Current Mood: complacent

1st April 2005

6:51pm i'm workin, but i dont wanna be..

sick of programming.. altho this whole reluminate thing is coming along, prototypes are starting to look real pro.

So that could lead somewhere..

or maybe i'll just start selling doggy treats from gumball machines.. its workin for those guys in NYC

31st March 2005

11:37am Am I the only one who is glad that Terri Shiavo is dead?

I'm sure i'm not, but the press seems pretty bent on interviewing all the religious nutjob protesters who have been hanging around her hospice. They all
seem to think her husband is the devil, the system failed them all, and this was the equivalent of murder.

Its such B.S. .. really does anyone care what this woman wanted? When you fall in love, are you closer to your parents or your lover?

I think its the person you roll with nightly.

And whats with this law that G. W. Bush passed in texas when he was governor.. the one that lets THE STATE remove life support AGAINST THE FAMILIES WISHES in certain circumstances, one of the factors being.. wait for it.. the patients ability to pay.

Fucked up.

anyways.. It's lookin like we might not be moving afterall, i'd love to go but some of the other ppl aren't that hot on the space.

27th March 2005

5:29am 'We had the Atari 2600!
With games like Space Invaders and Asteroids.
And the graphics sucked ass!
Your guy was just a square!
You had to use your imagination!
And there were no multiple levels or screens.
It was just ONE screen, forever,
and you could never win.
The game just kept getting harder and faster and until you died...
Just like LIFE!'

I always wanted to kick ass with the madd geek standup
but i'm just not that funny.

this guy is my new hero:

25th March 2005

11:34pm feelin kinda alone, or somethin..

7th March 2005

10:05am Almost grown up..

The end of humanities teen years is drawing near,
as our intelligence solidifies and our endless conflicts draw down,
all we can do is hope we survive to see life beyound our youthful indescretions.

Heres Hopin.

4th March 2005


Const. Anthony Fitzgerald Orion Gordon, 28.

Const. Lionide Nicholas Johnston, 34.

Const. Broack Warren Myrol, 29.

Const. Peter Christopher Shiemann, 25.

These four young men are dead, killed by somebody whose perspective is so warped, so selfish, that somehow the prospect of killing four men was preferrable to what would have likely been less than a decade behind bars. People die for bad reasons every day, many for reasons as meaningless as this. What are the successes of the criminal just system, how powerful a
deterrent is prison really. This 49 year old dope-growing, car-stealing asshole apparently felt it was worth the lives of four young men, and his own.

If theres one thing this planet seems to lack, its a thoughtful and intelligent perspective on life.

If you're like me, you're mourning the loss of these fine young lives in your own quiet way.

11:07am off the accelerator for now..
goddamn.. unbelievable work.

This coder I had working for me, Tim, flaked out on a HUGE project. The delivery date was friday the 25th of February, He recieved the information sometime near the end of january. Me and another coder Chris, had to start killing ourselves on the 22nd, trying to finish a MONTH LONG project for the 25th..

needless to say I didn't sleep much that week, Took a break on the weekend, missed client delivery on monday, and have been going ever since. The new client delivery date is This monday after the weekend. Luckily after a week and a half of complete BS the thing is nearly ready to go, Jason the contractor is testing it as I type this, and i'll be doing fixes over the weekend. Before that, I was killing myself on a project of my own, which I was actually able to complete on time.

Anyways, its been about 3 full weeks of working at least 10 hours a day, on the days i didn't skip out on Toronto Harbour, it was at least 14. There was a I think i slept about 60 minutes between the 22nd and the 25th.. the whole thing was a real nightmare.

Its all pretty much ok now, things will be done by monday, this project will be gone and i'll be a measly 750 bucks richer. The project was worth 1300, but I had to enlist chris to help me, so half is his. Originally Tim would have been recieving 1150 for coding and 150 would be mine as project manager. I was never even supposed to touch this code, beyond testing.

So today i'm going to hit the shower (this ain't the first time in all this that i can smell myself), head into TH early, and maybe do some groceries (what luxury).

everything else is actually going good, I just need to find some goddamn programmers who ARENT FUCKING FLAKES. I'm kinda feelin the pang of old loneliness, but i dont really have any chances to look for girlies at this point, and when your entire body and wardrobe smell like a marathon runners armpit.. well. no dice.

fortunately Chris has been rock solid, and Andy seems good, although he works full time so i'm limited in the quantity of work I can pass to him.

I'm gonna go let the hot water wash 3 pounds of natural salt and oil buildup now.. i'm one dirty motherfucker
Current Mood: accomplished

18th February 2005

12:42am in the red
All I'm saying, all I'm saying is that it's dangerous to have a race car in the red.
Current Mood: stressed

30th January 2005

2:10pm So the iraqi elections went down in a fairly encouraging manner, it would seem we can be cautiously optimistic now,
with high voter turnout and few deaths, there could be light at the end of this tunnel.

been working a lot lately, hoping to finish up this 18again project real soon.. its big money.
Current Mood: working

23rd January 2005

10:53am cold days in the city right now, i'm thankful for xmas long jons and ear coverings. My sorels are still holding up good, i've had those boots since highschool and somehow the soles show almost no signs of visible wear.. i have a feeling they will look about the same in another 10 years. Whilst still keeping my feet warm.

Hit peroxide last night with Bonnie Caroline and CGM n r4g3.. caroline lives right upstairs, it was nice to have a place to chillout..
also got my webcam back from caroline which is good, i'll have to fight with loonix to get support though, looks like.

peroxide was fun, not as busy as it has been probably a lot to do with the madd winter weather, but the people that were out were out to party, and everyone seemed to be havin a good time.. there was even a couple cute girls to look at in amongst the gay boys.. not that i'm counting on them bein str8.. at peroxide odds are against the heterosexuals

rearranged the work room the other day, i found a table top that had been cut to fit into a corner, i took the table that was in the work room apart and used its halfs to make a longer narrower bench, with the corner table section in the corner under the window.. gives us more floorspace and workspace all at once.. nuthin wronng with that..

Doing a big project for jason now, gonna be worth about 3500 bucks, should come out somewhere around 70 bucks an hour, :D
Current Mood: lethargic

18th January 2005

6:24pm Im not sure if anybody else diggs, but I had to note this somewhere..
I found the most kickass blues shoutcast station ever.. KOQX INTERNET BLUES RADIO.

So if you dig the blues give it a listen.. its well worth it.
Current Mood: working

6th January 2005

1:25pm wellll dreads are comin together nicely i think, these things are a fuck of a lot of work in the beginning..
they'll come out on their own if you dont keep them in check, i got them wet for the first time yesterday and
was worried they might come loose, luckily they actually ended up tighter after they dried, which is what i was
hoping would happen.

so they look pretty good i guess, my sister and bonnie both really like em.. seems like a good start.

Been a pretty good week, taking it easier with my contract guy out of town, just doing my 4 hours at TH and even there i've had a chance to
dodge the big project i was working on and take a break by just churning out some basic pages for optimization purposes..

cleaning the apt a bit today.. just vacuumed the shag rug, a painstaking process since i can't use the killer rotating rug brush thing in the vacuum (it rips out the shag) so i have to go over the entire thing with just the hose.. its worth it though.. looks brand new when its clean.

la la la
nothin else to note today i guess

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