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i suppose this wont mean much to most, but Ben's post made me think deep.

the sands of time flow through our lives in a way that can't really be described or controlled. Here we find ourselves, in a position and circumstance that usually seems beyond our control..
friends come and go, loves come and go.. and here we are.

where would I be if I moved to holland seven years ago?

where will I be at this time next winter? It seems like every year i look back and think.. 'what was I thinking?'

is there an age, does anyone believe there is a time, when we will always project the image we wish we could be?

I made good money this year.. I will make better money next year.. but deep down inside, i'm still empty. I'd like to believe a girl is the answer, but somehow, i know its just not true.

so what am i looking for anyways, a question only I can answer, and one I doubt I ever will.

or maybe thats just the booze talking.. happy new year bitches.
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