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I go to Internet and click on you

I post on lj so rarely now it feels foreign and rather masturbatory, my mind is rather fertile at this late hour and I feel the urge to record some life.

I'm off to taiwan in a scant 2 weeks, and for 3 weeks I'll be disconnected from home and away from my sweet Meghan. The trip is bound to be stellar but the preparation leading up to such a long vacation isn't pretty, as I strive to achieve work at maximum density. More than anything I feel worry at the thought of leaving my lady, that tingling in my stomach that I'd been clamping down the past several years has bucked up and left me wanting and missing on just this single night apart.

I read postsecret and contemplate the beauty that without fail brings a weekly taer to my eye, that raw anonymous honesty scrawled before me on the black page. My own lack of secrets leaving me feeling inadequate and unable.

I quest for sleep and hope that pleasantness comes in my dreams, I need not worry about the future if my thoughts remain as light as they deserve. The splendid tendrils of shared glee that comes with really wanting someone are pushing me to be myself.
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