Cameron (interlnk) wrote,

a great big clipper ship

I hate the telephone, maybe text has just ruined me, somehow when its not about business I'm just at a loss for words. I flew back from BC last tuesday relaxed and ambitious, ready to attack the quivering vulnerable mass of web dev jobs that is Toronto. Somehow my motivation evaporated in half the time it took to construct it, a house of cards perhaps, never built to last, or a glimpse of the underlying lust for a challenge that has so eluded me these past few years. The piles of cash I could be earning are within sight, I can smell them in the air, watch them flutter in the breeze, but like so many frustrating dreams, I can't make my legs move fast enough.

There was gonna be more to this, but i just got a magic phonecall, Dave's in town and he's headed my way.
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