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bikelog is back in gear

I was a bit nervous with google launching its 'mymaps' service on google maps, but after some investigation my enthusiasm for site was renewed. The mymaps service is very minimal and doesn't have any features geared towards activities and a route. So I dug right back into bikelog and got my existing google maps mashup into a module for the seagull framework.

Now I just need to get the Ajax components back in place for saving the routes and I'll be able to open up the site for new users, allowing signups and map creation. I'm partnering with Caroline Ross for the design, looking forward to the logo and various map elements that she's going to develop. My hope is that by mid june the site is fully launched with a toolbox of great little features, it'll be an overall showcase of my skills and at the top of my portfolio.

The weathers awesome right now, I'm lovin the bike rides and enjoying working on my own projects also, may is looking good.
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