Cameron (interlnk) wrote,

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shapin up fast

Riding weather is back and my muscles and lungs are reawakening after 4 months of dormancy. Its amazing how after 3 decent rides my lung capacity and stamina have doubled, and all the muscles on my body have turned into larger, firmer versions of their former selves. The thin layer of pudge that was coating my body has been devoured and tranformed, and now i'm ravenously hungry at all times. I'll eat 5 meals today, and probably 5 more tommorrow. I'm thinking of checking out the humber trail this weekend, a 60k ride. Pretty ambitious, but my body has tuned up so fast I feel like I'm up for it. Just a matter of finding a block of time to check over my bikes mechanics and then get out there on the trail. I hope I never forget how great it feels to push myself physically.

Haven't been able to get a good sleep since a looong picnic day at ross lord park last weekend.. I hope tonight is the night, because I'd like to recharge properly before the next ride.
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