Cameron (interlnk) wrote,

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the beginnings of a pay off

I've been slogging away at this web development business of mine for almost 6 years now and its finally starting to pay off.  I've been ridiculously overworked in the past, but never on projects that were actually paying me rate I can be truly pleased with.. Theres only so hard a person can work for 25, 30 bucks an hour, and only so much payoff from doing a lot extra on those projects.   This time, being unbelievably busy is making me rich fast, and just how busy I am makes me consider boosting my rates even further.  Hopefully this isn't an anamoly, and this contracting bizness is the sort of thing that gets easier as you go along.   On the flip side I've just gotten sick, I guess I should have been paying more attention to eating and sleeping properly last week, when I was subsisting on corn chips and salsa and working till all hours.
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