Cameron (interlnk) wrote,

Golf Mike Whiskey Foxtrot

I went up to the boat last weekend, my parents flew the cessna in to city center airport on the toronto island to pick me up, then we continued on to the midland airport. As mom put it, "it was a very efficient use of the plane". She hates the thing. It was great fun, the area around toronto is under control of pearson tower, so we get to yack with the air traffic controller alongside "Air Canada 151" and "Westjet 234". It was my first time up in the plane, altho I flew with my dad in hawaii in a rented plane. It was my first time getting out of the city this summer.. I work too fuckin much. Luckily I have the lakeshore bike path to keep me sane.

I got another plane ride in to guelph this weekend, because My cousin john passed away last week. He was just 22, and theres no 100% answer on what happened. He was found alone in his apt, but with no obvious signs of foul play or suicide. Even though he lived at my parents place for about 3 months when we were 14 or 15, we weren't all that close. We had good times coding a meteors type game in turbo pascal, and we got along pretty well. I have a sense of loss even though the death doesn't really have any impact on my life. The time around a death is made more surreal by the gathering of the extended family, you can't be *too* happy to see each other, even though its rare.
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